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West Coast Diaries, Vol. 1 (1987)

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West Coast Diaries, Vol. 1 is a compilation series album by singer -songwriter Charlie Peacock. Released independently, this is the first of a three volume series of early recordings and demos from the Charlie Peacock Group, which consisted of Peacock, guitarist Jimmy Abegg and session vocalist Vince Ebo among others made between 1986 and 1987. Early recordings of "One Thing" and "Big Man's Hat" would be re-recorded and later appear on his Sparrow Records album The Secret of Time (1990). Sparrow Records reissued the West Coast Diaries albums on CD in 1990.

Track listing

All songs were written by Charlie Peacock, except where noted.

1. This is How the Work Gets Done -3:51

2. Come On, Come On -3:18

3. Hot Night Downtown -3:24

4. One Thing -4:26

5. Tears Falling Down -3:01

6. The Last Hurrah -3:43

7. The Way of Love (Charlie Peacock, Bob Smith) -3:49

8. I Will Listen (Charlie Peacock, Jimmy Abegg, Bruce Roberts, John Weber) -3:04

9. Hiring a Worker -3:51

10. Big Man's Hat -4:24

11. My Mind Played a Trick on Me -4:41

12. Only Love Will Hold Fast -4:58

13. Whole Lot Different -7:13

Previous release: Charlie Peacock (1986)

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