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West Coast Diaries, Vol. 2 (1988)

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West Coast Diaries, Vol. 2 is a compilation series album by singer -songwriter Charlie Peacock. Released independently, this is the second of a three volume series of early recordings, demos and live cuts. Vol. 2 features Peacock on vocals and piano, guitarist Jimmy Abegg and back up singer Vince Ebo performing as The Charlie Peacock Trio. Recorded live in just a few days, this album accurately reflects the improvisational quality of Peacock's music in an intimate and honest setting. The Trio perform their version of "Down in the Lowlands" (from 1986's Charlie Peacock), along with future Secret of Time tracks "Big Man's Hat" and "The Way of Love." Sparrow Records reissued the West Coast Diaries albums on CD in 1990.

Track listings

All songs were written by Charlie Peacock, except where noted.

1. Nobody's Gonna Bring Me Down -3:46

2. The Way of Love (Charlie Peacock, Bob Smith) -4:10

3. Down in the Lowlands -5:33

4. Psalm 51 -4:02

5. No Place Closer to Heaven -3:00

6. Don't Have the Power -3:29

7. Unchain My Soul -4:57

8. Big Man's Hat -4:54

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