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Love Takes Time: 17 Timeless Classics (1999)

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Love Takes Time: 17 Timeless Classics is an official compilation album by Christian singer - songwriter Bryan Duncan, released on December 1, 1999 by Myrrh/Word Records. It is a collection of Duncan's best known songs from his 1990s period, including "Love Takes Time," "When It Comes to Love," "Love You With My Life," "Things Are Gonna Change" and "Step by Step." Also included is "A Heart Like Mine" from the 1995 various artists album My Utmost for His Highest and the studio recording of "One Voice" featuring CCM artists Anointed and Crystal Lewis recorded in 1997, released as a non-album radio single.

Track listing

1. Love Takes Time (Bryan Duncan, Chuck Barth) (from Mercy) -3:51

2. Step by Step (Bryan Duncan, Michael Omartian) (from Mercy) -4:42

3. After This Day Is Gone (Bryan Duncan, John Clifforth, Larry Tagg, Sheppard Solomon) (from Blue Skies) -5:17

4. When It Comes to Love (Reed Vertelney, Jeff Pescetto) (from Mercy) -5:30

5. Blue Skies (Bryan Duncan, Reed Vertelney) (from Blue Skies) -4:18

6. Into My Heart (Bryan Duncan, Reed Vertelney) (from Mercy) -3:56

7. Love You With My Life (Bryan Duncan) (from Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend) -4:41

8. Don't Look Away (Bryan Duncan, Chuck Barth) (from Slow Revival) -4:32

9. We All Need (Bryan Duncan, Chuck Barth) (from Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend) -3:28

10. I'll Not Forget You (Bryan Duncan, Chuck Barth) (from Mercy) -3:11

11. Bryan's Hymn (When I Turn To You) (Bryan Duncan, James Felix) (from My Utmost for His Highest: Quiet Prayers)-5:15

12. You Don't Leave Me Lonely (Bryan Duncan, Randy Lee) (from Mercy) -3:59

13. Things Are Gonna Change (Bryan Duncan, Reed Vertelney) (from Slow Revival) -4:43

14. Strollin' on the Water (Bryan Duncan, John Andrew Schreiner) (from The Last Time I Was Here) -5:14

15. Traces of Heaven (Bryan Duncan, Michael Omartian) (from Slow Revival) -4:54

16. A Heart Like Mine (Bryan Duncan, Bob Farrell, Greg Nelson, Loren Balman, Robbie Buchanan) (from My Utmost for His Highest) -4:24

17. One Voice (featuring Anointed and Crystal Lewis) (Ty Lacy, Reggie Hamm, Dan

Muckala) (previously unreleased) -2:43

Production credits

Dan Posthuma -producer (tracks 1 -13 and 15)

Michael Omartian -co-producer (track 15)

Brown Bannister -producer (track 16)

Dan Muckala -producer (track 17)

Radio singles

1997 "One Voice" (with Anointed and Crystal Lewis) -#13 Christian AC

Next release: Joyride (2000)

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