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Make Me Ready (1981)

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Make Me Ready is the third studio album by the Christian music husband and wife duo Farrell and Farrell, released in 1981 by NewPax Records. The title song became a Top 10 hit on Christian radio. The album is produced by Brown Bannister.

Track listing

1. Make Me Ready (Bob Farrell, Mike Demus) -4:02

2. Still Here (Bob Farrell, David Stearman) -3:27

3. You're the Heart of Me (Bob Farrell, John Rosasco) -4:11

4. You Keep Me Holdin' On (Bob Farrell, Brown Bannister, Shane & Alice Keister)


5. Old Friends (Bob Farrell, Michael W. Smith) -4:00

6. Sonata (instrumental) (Bob Farrell) -2:53

7. Just in Time (Bob Farrell, Michael W. Smith) -2:45

8. To Know That I'm Loved by You (Jayne Farrell, Brown Bannister) -3:07

9. Lead Me On (Bob Farrell, Brown Bannister) -3:24

10. Only Love (Bob Farrell, Brown Bannister) -4:24

11. All That You've Done for Me (Bob Farrell, Mike Demus) -3:29

12. He That Overcomes (Larry Holben, Cam Floria) -3:01

Radio singles

1982 "Make Me Ready" -#7 Christian CHR

Previous release: A Portrait of Us All (1979)

Listen to Make Me Ready:

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