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Never Say Die (1981)

Updated: Dec 31

Never Say Die is the fourth studio album by the Christian rock band Petra, released in 1981 on Star Song Records.

"The Coloring Song" was a radio hit for the band, giving them their first number one hit on the Christian AC chart and sales were higher for this album than the previous. This album set the stage for Petra's success in the 1980s and their next few albums duplicated much of the formula, as well as repeated the "guitar" theme on the album cover. The track "Killing My Old Man" was originally intended and recorded for their 1977 album Come and Join Us, but Word Records dropped the original track, so the song was re-recorded for this album.

The album is the first to exclusively feature Greg X. Volz on lead vocals and new members Mark Kelly on bass guitar and John Slick on keyboards. Star Song Records later re-issued the album on a single CD with 1979's Washes Whiter Than. The former had two tracks cut for space; this album was included in full. Never Say Die is their first charted album on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, climbing to number 16. The album is produced by Jonathan David Brown and it's the first of five albums Brown will produce up to the mid 1980s.

Track listing

All songs were written by Bob Hartman, except where noted.

1. The Coloring Song (Dave Eden) -2:55

2. Chameleon -5:50

3. Angel of Light -4:22

4. Killing My Old Man -3:48

5. Without Him We Can Do Nothing (Greg X. Volz) -3:30

6. Never Say Die -3:44

7. I Can Be Friends With You -4:12

8. For Annie -4:26

9. Father of Lights -3:04

10. Praise Ye the Lord (Greg X. Volz) -3:20



Bob Hartman -lead guitar

Greg X. Volz -lead and backing vocals

Mark Kelly -bass guitar, backing vocals

John Slick -keyboards, backing vocals, horn and string arrangements on "For Annie"

Radio singles

1981 -1982 "The Coloring Song" -#8 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC for 4 weeks

Previous release: Washes Whiter Than (1979)

Listen to Never Say Die here:

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