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No Turning Back/Live (1982)

Updated: Jun 5

No Turning Back/Live is a 2-LP live album by the Christian rock duo DeGarmo & Key, released on June 16, 1982 by Lamb & Lion Records and distributed by Benson Records. Originally released as a two-record set and one full-length cassette tape, No Turning Back was recorded live during their This Ain't Hollywood tour on a couple of tour stops in Oklahoma: November 6, 1981 at the Mabee Center in Tulsa and November 7, 1981 at Putman City West Auditorium in Oklahoma City.

This is the last album that they were credited as The DeGarmo & Key Band as it

featured the rhythm section Tommy Cathey as bass guitar and vocals, Greg Morrow on drums and Tony Pilcher on guitar and vocals. All three would be involved in future and subsequent D&K albums. It was produced and mixed by DeGarmo & Key and their manager Dan Brock. No Turning Back/Live was reissued on 2 CDs in 1992 by ForeFront Records and was reissued and remastered in 2022 on 2 CDs by Girder Records.

Track listing

All tracks were written by Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key, except where noted.

1. Light of the World -3:51

2. Go Tell Them -4:21

3. Stella, This Ain't Hollywood -3:22

4. When He Comes Back -3:32

5. Jericho -4:43

6. Alleyways of Strive (Dana Key, Max Richardson) -4:09

7. Mary -2:58

8. Wayfaring Stranger (traditional; arranged by DeGarmo & Key) -3:35

9. Bass Solo (instrumental) -3:01

10. Enchiridion (instrumental) -1:51

11. Long Distance Runner -4:36

12. Matter of Time -4:44

13. Emmanuel (Dana Key, Max Richardson) -7:24

14. Oklahoma Blues -5:58

15. Preacher (I'll Need a Friend) -6:01

16. Over and Over -5:11

17. Let Him Help You Today -8:00

18. Love One Another -8:25

19. I Have Decided (traditional; arranged by DeGarmo & Key) -2:59


DeGarmo & Key:

Dana Key -lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars

Eddie DeGarmo -keyboards, vocals

Tony Pilcher -guitar, vocals

Tommy Cathey -bass guitar, vocals

Greg Morrow -drums

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