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Portrait (1986)

Portrait is a 1986 compilation album by Scottish Christian singer - author Sheila Walsh on Sparrow Records. This collection features ten of Walsh's best songs including the track "Star Song (There Is Born A Child)." The track was only released on the U.S. version of War of Love, but is now available for the first time for the U.K. market on vinyl. The album was then reissued on CD in 1988 and was part of the Compact Favorites series featuring former and current artists on the Sparrow label with the same track listing. Walsh had signed with Word Records for her next album Shadowlands.

NOTE: Portrait/Compact Favorites is the only compilation album by Sheila Walsh that is available digitally.

Track listing

1. We're All One (Bryn Haworth) (from Don't Hide Your Heart) -3:29

2. Don't Turn Your Back on Jesus (Chris Eaton) (from Triumph in the Air) -3:11

3. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) (Pete Seeger) (from War of Love) -3:58

4. Somebody (Teri DeSario, Bill Purse) (from Triumph in the Air) -4:15

5. Jesus Call Your Lambs (duet with Cliff Richard) (Teri DeSario) (from Don't Hide Your Heart) -4:02

6. Triumph in the Air (Graham Kendrick, Craig Pruess) (from Triumph in the Air) -4:42

7. Mystery (Dave Cooke, Paul Field) (from War of Love) -3:27

8. Star Song (There Is Born A Child) (Scott McClurg, Kirk Allen) (from War of Love) -3:40

9. God Put a Fighter in Me (Graham Kendrick) (from War of Love) -5:15

10. Burn On (Graham Kendrick) (from Future Eyes) -4:12

Production credits

Craig Pruess -producer (tracks 1 -9)

Cliff Richard -co-producer (tracks 3, 7 and 9)

Michael Omartian and Keith Bessey -co-producers (track 1)

Paul Cobbold -producer (track 10)

Previous release: Don't Hide Your Heart (1985)

Next release: Shadowlands (1986)

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