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War of Love (U.S.)/Drifting (U.K.)

Updated: Dec 31

War of Love is the third studio album by Scottish Christian singer -author Sheila Walsh. Released in 1983 on Sparrow Records (it's Walsh's second American release), the album was titled Drifting when it was released in the U.K. and Europe on DJM Records, but with a very different track listing.

Walsh released her very first music video for the single "Mystery," and it was also released to Christian radio in America as a single where it went Top 20. The song "Mystery" is not the same song that is on her 1982 U.K. album No One Loves Me Like You. The title song is a duet with Walsh and English singer Cliff Richard and it was released as a single in the U.K. Richard produced the album with additional production by Craig Pruess. Walsh went back to here new wave sound from her debut album Future Eyes.

Sparrow Records in America were not too impressed with the duet, so the duet was replaced by the track "Star Song (There is Born a Child)" that Walsh recorded in 1981 as the first Christian radio single on War of Love. It was originally released in the U.K. as a stand-alone single. The song has also been played during the Christmas season. The song "Fighter" on Drifting is called "God Put a Fighter in Me" on War of Love. Walsh also does a cover of American folk singer Pete Seeger's song "Turn! Turn! Turn!" made famous by the American folk rock band The Byrds (# 1 Billboard Hot 100) in 1965. Walsh earned her first of three Grammy nominations in the Gospel category Best Gospel Performance, Female for War of Love at the 26th Grammy Awards.

Track listing on Drifting

1. Turn! Turn! Turn! (Pete Seeger) -3:58

2. Mystery (Dave Cooke, Paul Field) -3:27

3. Sunset Skies (Chris Eaton) -4:35

4. Private Life (Graham Kendrick) -3:26

5. Yes He Lives (Terry Britten) -4:02

6. Drifting (duet with Cliff Richard) (Bruce Woolley, Simon Darlow) -3:56

7. Fooled By A Feeling (Jamie Owens-Collins) -3:43

8. Sleepwalking (Graham Kendrick) -4:02

9. It's Lonely When the Lights Go On (Daniel D'Costa, John Woodfield) -3:08

10. Fighter (Graham Hendrick) -5:15

Track listing on War of Love

1. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) -3:58

2. Mystery -3:27

3. Sunset Skies -4:35

4. Private Life -3:26

5. Yes He Lives -4:02

6. Fooled By A Feelin' -3:43

7. Star Song (There Is Born A Child) (Scott McClurg, Kirk Allen) -3:40

8. Sleepwalking -4:02

9. It's Lonely When the Lights Go On -3:08

10. God Put a Fighter in Me -5:15

Radio singles

1983 "Drifting" -#64 U.K.

1983 "Star Song (There Is Born A Child)" -#21 Christian AC/CHR

1983 "Mystery" -#19 Christian AC/CHR

Listen to War of Love/Drifting here:

Watch the music video of "Mystery" here:

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