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No One Loves Me Like You (1982)

Updated: Jan 7

No One Loves Me Like You is the second studio album by Scottish Christian singer -author Sheila Walsh, released in 1982 on Kingsway Music. The album was only released in the U.K. Walsh wrote on the liner notes of the back album cover:

"'No One Loves Me Like You' is an album that I have wanted to record for some time. It is not a follow up to my first album 'Future Eyes' but rather a collection of love songs expressing something of the joy and pain involved in following Christ. Each one means a lot to me, I hope they will to you."

No One Loves Me Like You is produced and arranged by Lennart Sjöholm with songwriting contributions by Graham Kendrick, Paul Field and Chris Eaton. Walsh dedicated the album to her first husband Norman Miller.

NOTE: Walsh re-recorded the song "Burn On" for this album, that she originally recorded for the U.S. version of Future Eyes. The song "Mystery" is not the same song that Walsh recorded for her next album War of Love/Drifting. Walsh also covers her friend, legendary English singer Cliff Richard's song "You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself," hence the name of this album.

Track listing

1. Take Me As I Am (Chris Eaton) -3:48

2. Empty Page (Paul Field) -4:15

3. Bon Vivant (The Good Life) (Graham Kendrick) -3:15

4. You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself (Dave Cooke, Judy MacKenzie) -3:05

5. Burn On (Graham Kendrick) -4:49

6. By Your Grace (Chris Eaton) -4:09

7. Moment By Moment (Paul Field, Dave Cooke) -4:00

8. In Your Way (Graham Kendrick) -3:31

9. You (unknown) -6:42

10. Mystery (Graham Kendrick) -5:35

11. If I Have To (Chris Eaton) -3:31

Previous release: Future Eyes (1981)

Listen to No One Loves Me Like You here:

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