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Revival (2001)

Updated: Apr 3

Revival is the nineteenth studio album by the Christian rock band Petra. Released on November 20, 2001, it is the band's first album on Inpop Records, a label founded by Peter Furler of the Christian Australian rock band Newsboys.

It is Petra's third praise album following their two Petra Praise albums of the 1990s. Revival is more modern worship oriented, especially since it is the popularity of the moment of recent albums by Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James, Third Day, Delirous? and upcoming Christian worship artist Chris Tomlin. This is the first Petra album to feature songs not written by founder Bob Hartman.

Hartman returns from retirement since the three band members Lonnie Chapin, Pete Orta and Trent Thomason left and plays guitar on the album and joins lead singer John Schlitt and drummer Louie Weaver (this will be Weaver's final album as a drummer) and brought in guest musicians to fill in the rhythm section including fellow CCM rock artist and bassist Rick Cua. Revival is produced by Jason Halbert and Dwayne Larring. This is the first Petra album not to chart.

Track listing

1. Send Revival, Start With Me (Matt Redman) -5:30

2. The Noise We Make (Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves) -5:06

3. Oasis (John Hartley, Gary Sadler) -3:57

4. The Prodigal's Song (Paul Oakley) -4:04

5. Amazing Grace (John Hartley, Gary Sadler, Dwayne Larring) -4:17

6. Jesus, Friend of Sinners (Paul Oakley) -3:33

7. Better Is One Day (Matt Redman) -4:37

8. Meet With Me (Lamont Hiebert) -3:29

9. You Satisfy (Peter Gross, Ashlee White) -4:27

10. We Want to See Jesus Lifted High (Doug Horley) -3:03

11. How Long (Stuart Townend) -4:07



Bob Hartman -lead guitar, backing vocals

John Schlitt -lead vocals, backing vocals

Louie Weaver -drums

Previous release: Double Take (2000)

Next release: Jekyll & Hyde (2003)

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