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Sandi's Song (1979)

Sandi's Song is the second studio and first nationally released album by Christian singer Sandi Patty. Released in 1979, it was released on the Milk & Honey label and distributed by Singspiration, a division of Benson Music. The album is the beginning of Patty's musical versatility showing off her vocals in either slow ballads (for which she was popularly known for in future and subsequent albums) and uptempo songs. A typo with her last name was shown starting with this album and she would keep this as a professional last name. Her last name "Patti" would be used and kept until 1993.

In 1986, Benson Records re-issued Sandi's Song with a updated album cover featuring a piano with rose petals. Word Records re-issued the album again in 1990 featuring the same updated album cover. The album is produced by Neal Joseph.

Track listing

1. Jesus Is My Love Song to You (T.S. Smith) -4:43

2. You're Such a Comfort to Me (Phil Johnson) -3:11

3. When I Need Him/Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Eddie Smith/T. Dorsey) -4:09

4. He'll Never Let You Down (David Clydesdale, Sandi Patty) -3:02

5. I Could Never Have Imagined (Marshall Lawrence) -3:27

6. You Never Gave Up On Me (LaDonna Johnson) -2:29

7. The Day He Wore My Crown (Phil Johnson) -5:17

8. It's All Right Now (Jessy Dixon) -3:59

9. The Devil Is A Liar (Seawind) -3:46

10. Sandi's Song (My Life Is A Song) (Sandi Patty) -4:08

Previous release: For My Friends (1978) (independent release)

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