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The Best So Far (2000)

The Best So Far is an official compilation album by Christian singer - songwriter Cindy Morgan, released on February 29, 2000 by Word Records. It is a collection of songs from Morgan's first five Word albums featuring 12 favorite songs and two new recordings: the Morgan-penned track "Tell Me That You Love Me" and a cover of "Love Is the Answer," originally recorded by Todd Rundgren's band Utopia in 1977 and made famous by the soft rock duo England Dan and John Ford Coley (#1 Billboard AC, #10 Billboard Hot 100) in 1979. It was released as the lead single to promote The Best So Far. The new tracks were produced by musician and Word's A&R Director Brent Bourgeois.

Track listing

1. Love Is the Answer (Todd Rundgren) (new recording) -4:20

2. Tell Me That You Love Me (Cindy Morgan) (new recording) -4:24

3. Picture Me in Paradise (Mark Hammond, Grant Cunningham) (from A Reason

to Live) -5:35

4. It's Gonna Be Heaven (Mark Hammond, Grant Cunningham) (from Real Life)


5. Sweet Days of Grace (Cindy Morgan, Mark Hammond) (from Under the

Waterfall) -3:58

6. How Could I Ask For More (Cindy Morgan) (from Real Life) -3:32

7. Real Life (Cindy Morgan, Geoff and Becky Thurman, Mark Hammond) (from

Real Life) -4:14

8. Listen (Cindy Morgan, Cova Morgan, Andrew Ramsay) (from Listen) -3:45

9. Let It Be Love (Mark Hammond, Grant Cunningham) (from Real Life) -5:33

10. I Will Be Free (Cindy Morgan) (from A Reason to Live) -4:55

11. I'll Stand (piano by Michael W. Smith) (Cindy Morgan, Mark Hammond,

Tommy Sims) (from Under the Waterfall) -4:04

12. Praise the King (Cindy Morgan) (from The Loving Kind) -4:01

13. I Know You (Cindy Morgan) (from Under the Waterfall) -4:38

14. Take My Life (Cindy Morgan) (from The Loving Kind) -4:38

Production credits

Mark Hammond -producer (tracks 3 -7, 9 -11 and 13)

Brent Bourgeois -producer (tracks 1, 2, 8, 12 and 14)

Craig Hansen -co-producer (tracks 8, 12 and 14)

Radio singles

2000 "Love Is the Answer" -#6 Christian AC

Previous release: The Loving Kind (1998)

Next release: Elementary (2001)

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