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The Early Works (1991)

The Early Works is a 1991 compilation album by Christian singer -songwriter Wayne Watson. It is released as part of a series of artist anthology albums called The Early Works featuring former artists who were on the Benson Records label when they first started. It features 15 songs from Watson's Milk & Honey Records albums Workin' In the Final Hour, New Lives for Old and Man in the Middle.

Track listing

1. Celebrate (Randy Landon) (from Man in the Middle) -2:47

2. Never Give Up (Wayne Watson) (from New Lives for Old) -4:08

3. All the King's Men (Wayne Watson) (from New Lives for Old) -4:06

4. To Be a Child (Wayne Watson) (from Man in the Middle) -4:14

5. Touch of the Master's Hand (John Kramp) (from Workin' In the Final Hour) -4:38

6. The Sacrifice (Wayne Watson, Chris Womack) (from New Lives for Old) -4:50

7. In Those Eyes (Wayne Watson) (from New Lives for Old) -4:37

8. Love Found a Way (Phil McHugh, Greg Nelson) (from Man in the Middle) -3:44

9. Man in the Middle (Mickey Cates) (from Man in the Middle) -3:58

10. I Don't Want Your Money (Tim Jessup) (from Workin' In the Final Hour) -3:49

11. People of God (Wayne Watson) (from New Lives for Old) -3:02

12. New Lives for Old (Gary Driskell) (from New Lives for Old) -5:20

13. One Day (Phil McHugh) (from Workin' In the Final Hour) -3:39

14. One More Song (Wayne Watson) (from Workin' In the Final Hour) -3:03

15. For the Least Of These (Gary Driskell) (from Man in the Middle) -4:22

Production credits

Brian Tankersley -producer (tracks 1 -4, 6 -9, 11, 12 and 15)

Greg Nelson -producer (tracks 5, 10, 13 and 14)

Wayne Watson -co-producer (tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 11 and 12)

Previous release: Home Free (1990)


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