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Workin' In the Final Hour (1980)

Updated: May 30

Workin' In the Final Hour is the second release and first national debut album by Christian singer - songwriter Wayne Watson. It was released in 1980 on Milk & Honey Records, distributed by Benson Music. The album was produced by Greg Nelson. The track "Touch of the Master's Hand" became an early hit for Watson and a signature song. The song was originally recorded in 1979 by Christian singer and future Imperials member Paul Smith. Watson re-recorded an updated version of "Touch of the Master's Hand" for his 1992 compilation album How Time Flies. The opening track "One Day," featuring vocalist Donna McElroy, who also provided backing vocals on the album, gave Watson his first Top 10 Christian radio hit peaking at number 9.

Workin' In the Final Hour has never been released on CD, although "Touch of the Master's Hand" ended up as a bonus track on the double disc CD combo New Lives for Old/Man in the Middle in 1988. The CD combo has since been out of print. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

1. One Day (Phil McHugh) -3:39

2. Because of Whose I Am (Reba Rambo, Dony McGuire) -5:00

3. Make a Wish (Wayne Watson) -3:22

4. I Don't Want Your Money (Tim Jessup) -3:49

5. Trust in the Lord (Wayne Watson) -2:57

6. Touch of the Master's Hand (John Kramp) -4:38

7. Lay Them Down (Wendell Burton) -3:53

8. How He Loves Me (Wayne Watson) -3:19

9. No Need (Bob Farrell) -3:20

10. One More Song (Wayne Watson) -3:03

Radio single

1981 "One Day" (featuring Donna McElroy) -#9 Christian AC/CHR

Previous release: Canvas for the Sun (1978) (independent debut album)

Listen to the album Workin' In the Final Hour here:

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