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Unidos en Él (1995)

Unidos en Él (translated as United in Him) is a 1995 Spanish language album by Christian singer - songwriter Bryan Duncan, on Myrrh/Word Records and Word Records International. The album is produced by Dan Posthuma, with vocal production by Posthuma and Arturo Allen and songs translated by Alejandro Allen, Jose Ernesto Soto and Susana Allen.

The title song of the album is translated as "United We Stand" featuring Christian Latin singer Rene Gonzalez on guest vocals and CCM artist Crystal Lewis duets with Duncan on the track "Un Poco Del Cielo" (a Spanish recording of "Traces of Heaven"). Selected songs done in Spanish are from Duncan's previous albums

Track listing

1. Debes Vivir Dentro de Mí (Into My Heart) (Bryan Duncan, Reed Vertelney) -3:53

2. Un Poco Del Cielo (Traces of Heaven) (duet with Crystal Lewis) (Bryan Duncan, Michael Omartian) -4:49

3. Yo Te Amo A Ti (I Love You With My Life) (Bryan Duncan) -4:41

4. Unidos en Él (United We Stand) (guest vocals by Rene Gonzalez) (Bryan Duncan, James Felix) -4:05

5. El Amor (Love Takes Time) (Bryan Duncan, Chuck Barth) -3:52

6. Si Es Por Amor (When It Comes to Love) (Reed Vertelney, Jeff Pescetto) -5:52

7. Benditas son las Lagrimas (Blessed Are the Tears) (Bryan Duncan) -4:48

8. Todo Cambiará (Things Are Gonna Change) (Bryan Duncan, Reed Vertelney) -4:43

9. Necesito (We All Need) (Bryan Duncan, Chuck Barth) -3:33

10. Eres mi Refugio (Safe Harbor) (Dan Posthuma, Darrell Brown, David Lasley, Lana Marrano) -5:07

Previous release: Slow Revival (1994)

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