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Wired for Sound (1987)

Wired for Sound is a various artists compilation sampler album, released in 1987 on Horizon Music/Word Records and A&M Records. It features ten songs by ten CCM artists from Michael W. Smith, Russ Taff, Kim Boyce, Leslie Phillips, Chris Eaton, The Imperials, Sheila Walsh, Randy Stonehill, The Choir and Greg X. Volz.

Reunion Records was once distributed by Word, Inc. before its distribution switched to Benson Records and Provident Music Group in the mid 1990s. The sampler is similar to the Take 'Em With You music series. A YouTube link to listen to the playlist is posted below this article.

Track listing

1. I'm Not Alone (Russ Taff) (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, Elizabeth Janz, Paul Janz) (from

Medals) -4:19

2. Love Resurrection (Kim Boyce) (Alison Moyet, Steve Jolley, Tony Swain)

(from Kim Boyce) -4:08

3. Render Love (The Choir) (Steve Hindalong, Charlie Peacock) (from Diamonds

and Rain) -4:46

4. Big Boy Now (Sheila Walsh) (Lance Demers) (from Shadowlands) -3:56

5. Wired for Sound (Michael W. Smith) (Michael W. Smith, Wayne Kirkpatrick)

(from The Big Picture) -6:00

6. Get Together (Randy Stonehill) (Chet Powers) (from The Wild Frontier) -3:49

7. The River is Rising (Greg X. Volz) (Mike Schmitz) (from The River is Rising) -5:18

8. When My Heart Breaks (Chris Eaton) (Chris Eaton) (from Vision) -5:04

9. Let the Wind Blow (The Imperials) (David Martin) (from Let the Wind Blow) -5:03

10. You're Kindness (Leslie Phillips) (Leslie Phillips) (from Black and White in a Grey

World) -4:02

Production credits

Brown Bannister -producer (tracks 8 and 9)

Jack Joseph Puig -producer (tracks 1 and 8)

Russ Taff -producer (track 1)

Brian Tankersley -producer (track 2)

Charlie Peacock -producer (track 3)

Richard Osborne and Jon Sweet -producers (track 4)

Michael W. Smith and John Potoker -producer (track 5)

Dave Perkins -producer (track 6)

Jonathan David Brown and Greg X. Volz -producers (track 7)

Dan Posthuma -producer (track 10)

Listen to the playlist Wired for Sound here:

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