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Best of Gary Chapman: After God's Own Heart (2002)

Updated: Feb 6

Best of Gary Chapman: After God's Own Heart is a compilation album of Christian singer - songwriter Gary Chapman. It was released in early 2002 on Reunion Records. This collection contains 15 of Chapman's best-known songs and tracks including his cover tribute to Rich Mullins on "Elijah," the modern Christmas classic "Mary, Did You Know?" and the re-recording of "A Man After Your Own Heart." This is also his final release on the Reunion label.

Track listing

1. A Man After Your Own Heart (Billy Sprague, Wayne Kirkpatrick) (from Shelter)


2. Outside (Jeff Silvey, Kyle Matthews) (from Outside) -4:19

3. Sweet Jesus (Gary Chapman) (from The Light Inside) -4:51

4. Sweet Glow of Mercy (Gary Chapman) (from The Light Inside) -5:20

5. Elijah (Rich Mullins) (from Awesome God: A Tribute to Rich Mullins) -5:05

6. Gospel Ship (arranged by Mylon LeFevre) (from The Light Inside) -4:01

7. Where Are the Broken Hearts (Gary Chapman, Michael Omartian) (from The

Light Inside) -4:21

8. Daddy Cut My Hair (Michael Kelly Blanchard) (from Outside) -4:56

9. Nothing Without You (Gary Chapman, Michael Omartian) (from Outside) -4:41

10. Floodgates of Love (Gary Chapman, Michael Omartian) (from The Light Inside)


11. Heal Me (Gary Chapman) (from The Light Inside) -4:58

12. Anything's Possible (Gary Chapman, Bobby Price) (from Shelter) -5:14

13. Finally (Gary Chapman) (from The Light Inside) -4:21

14. Back Where I Started (Gary Chapman, Mark Oakley) (from Shelter) -5:09

15. Mary, Did You Know? (Mark Lowry, Buddy Greene) (from This Gift) -3:54

Production credits

Michael Omartian -producer (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10 -15)

Gary Chapman and Danny O'Lannerghty (tracks 2, 8 and 9)

Reed Arvin -producer (track 5)

Previous release: Outside (1999)

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