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Circles and Seasons (2002)

Updated: Jun 2

Circles and Seasons is the seventh studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Gary Chapman. It was released in the fall of 2002 by Crowne Music Group, a label Chapman founded with David Byerley and distributed by Word Entertainment. Chapman wrote, arranged and produced the album himself, as well as playing all the instruments in his own home studio. By this time, Chapman married Jennifer Pittman, his second wife. Circles and Seasons is his most personal album Chapman has released so far. The first single "I Need Jesus" is a straightforward testimony of faith and a cry to God. Chapman even recorded his own version of "All I Ever Have to Be," originally recorded by Chapman's first wife Amy Grant on her 1980 album Never Alone. Circles and Seasons is currently out of print and is not available digitally. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs were written by Gary Chapman.

1. Nothing to Hide -5:07

2. I Need Jesus -3:55

3. All I Ever Have to Be -4:15

4. Like I Love You Now -4:01

5. He Thinks I Hung the Moon -4:28

6. Leave What's Left -5:15

7. Jackson and Jesus -5:22

8. I Hear a Call -3:55

9. Walk On -4:41

10. 24/7 -4:48

Next release: The Truth (2013)

Listen to the album Circles and Seasons here:

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