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Outside (1999)

Updated: Feb 4

Outside is the sixth studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Gary Chapman. It was released on September 14, 1999 by Reunion Records. It is Chapman's first album of new material since Shelter (1996) and was released just a couple of months after his and Amy Grant's divorce was finalized. Outside's theme, according to Chapman, is about forgiveness, healing and moving on. Chapman only wrote two tracks, most notably, "Learning to Love" which tries to address the recent events, in an honest but nonjudgmental way. "Daddy Cut My Hair" written by Michael Kelly Blanchard is about a father-son relationship and is the album's best track. "Hold On" offers a message of simple encouragement that Chapman thought was important for his children to hear at a stressful time. Outside's overall sound is more soft and inspirational and less country pop/rock than in his previous albums and is produced by Chapman and musician Danny O'Lannerghty. Michael Omartian, who produced Chapman's previous album, co-wrote the album's opening track "Nothing Without You" and has played keyboards and piano on three songs and plays the accordion on "I Love You, I Do, You Bet."

Track listing

1. Nothing Without You (Gary Chapman, Michael Omartian) -4:43

2. I Will Wait (Rodney Clawson, Tony Wood) -3:46

3. Daddy Cut My Hair (Michael Kelly Blanchard) -4:57

4. Outside (Jeff Silvey, Kyle Matthews) -4:22

5. Hold On (Jess Cates, Wendy Wills) -3:37

6. I Love You, I Do, You Bet (Michael Kelly Blanchard) -6:21

7. Let Evening Come (Jane Kenyon, Rob Mathes) -3:45

8. As Good As Goodbye Gets (Joel Lindsay, Tony Wood) -4:02

9. Learning to Love (Gary Chapman) -5:06

10. The Way You've Shown Me How (Chuck Leonard, Tim Akers) -3:23

Previous release: This Gift (1997)

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