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Carry the Light (1989)

Updated: Jun 15

Carry the Light is a 1989 cassette-tape only compilation album released by Star Song Records and Missions Network Center. It is a collection of 14 previously released songs and album tracks by CCM artists and features one brand new non-album track entitled "Carry the Light," sung by various Christian artists. The song was written by CCM singer and songwriter Twila Paris and serves as a theme song for the Target 2000 Great Commission Torch Run. The torch run was sponsored by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelists, which represents mission organizations from around the world.

On April 13, 1988, in Nashville, Tennessee, 100 of Christian music's most popular recording artists and musicians volunteered their time and talents to create the "Carry the Light" recording and music video. Its theme on the entire album is based on Mark 16:15: "He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." (NIV) "Carry the Light" is produced by Jonathan David Brown.

The following artists who sang a line in the lyrics are as follows:

First verse:

Dallas Holm

Twila Paris

Margaret Becker and Petra lead singer John Schlitt

First chorus:

Sharon Batts (she was 8 years when she recorded her vocals and best known for

recording "Dear Mr. Jesus" from the 1986 Powersource album Shelter From the


Take 6

Second verse:

Bill Gaither Trio

Second chorus:

Ad-lib vocals were performed by Mylon LeFevre and former Petra lead singer Greg X. Volz. It was sold in limited copies, so it is out of print. A YouTube playlist is posted below this article.

Track listing

1. Carry the Light (Twila Paris and Friends) (Twila Paris) (new recording) -5:41

2. People Need the Lord (Steve Green) (Greg Nelson, Phil McHugh) (from Steve

Green) -4:44

3. Rocketown (Michael W. Smith) (Michael W. Smith, Wayne Kirkpatrick) (from

The Big Picture) -4:35

4. Jesus Commands Us to Go! (Keith Green) (Keith and Melody Green) (from

Jesus Commands Us to Go!) -5:12

5. Back to the Street (Petra) (Bob Hartman) (from Back to the Street) -4:17

6. The Light of Jesus to the World (Carman) (Carman Licciardello) (from Comin'

On Strong) -4:01

7. The Name Above All Names (Debby Boone) (Chuck Girard) (from Friends for

Life) -4:45

8. We Will Stand (Russ Taff) (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, James Hollihan, Jr.) (from Walls of

Glass) -4:39

9. Won by One (Mylon & Broken Heart) (Mylon & Broken Heart, Joe Hardy) (from

Face the Music) -4:24

10. While I'm Standing Here (Dallas Holm) (Dallas Holm) (from Change the World)


11. One on One (Steve Camp and Margaret Becker) (Steve Camp, Margaret

Becker) (from One on One) -4:35

12. Go (Harvest) (Jerry Williams) (from Holy Fire) -4:33

13. Faithful Men (Twila Paris) (Twila Paris) (from Kingdom Seekers) -3:25

14. Take It to All the World (2nd Chapter of Acts) (Annie Herring, Matthew Ward,

Jim Tenneboe) (from Far Away Places) -3:06

15. The Lord's Prayer (Phil Driscoll) (Albert Hay Malotte) (from I Exalt Thee) -4:51

Production credits

Jonathan David Brown -producer (tracks 1 and 13), Greg Nelson -producer (track 2), Michael W. Smith and John Potoker -producers (track 3),Bill Maxwell -producer

(track 4), John and Dino Elefante -producers (track 5), Keith Thomas - producer

(track 6), Michael Omartian and Dan Posthuma -producers (track 7), Bill Schnee -

producer (track 8), Mylon LeFevre and Joe Hardy -producers (track 9), Neal

Joseph and Smitty Price -producers (track 10), Steve Camp and John Rosasco -

producers (track 11), John Andrew Schreiner -producer (track 12), Buck Herring -

producer (track 14), Phil Driscoll and Lari Goss -producers (track 15)

Radio singles

1989 "Carry the Light" by Twila Paris and Friends -#10 Christian AC

Listen to the playlist Carry the Light here:

Watch the music video of "Carry the Light" here:

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