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Destined to Win/The Classic Rock Collection (1992)

Destined to Win/The Classic Rock Collection is an official compilation album

by the Christian rock duo DeGarmo & Key. It was released in the fall of 1992 by ForeFront Records and distributed by Star Song Records and EMI Christian Music Group.

Destined to Win features 11 of the band's best known Christian rock and radio hits, plus a digitally remixed version of "Six, Six, Six" and two new recordings:

"Color Me Gone" and "I'll Come Out Fighting for You." In 1993, D&K released a video collection of their music videos of the same name on VHS, but with a different track listing and a new music video titled "Classic Rock Medley," which is an acoustic medley consisting of three classic songs: "Long Distance Runner," "Rock Solid" and "Six, Six, Six." It was a new track recorded just for this video collection. It later appeared, in audio form, as "Acoustic Medley" in their 1994 compilation album Greatest Hits Volume 1.

NOTE: with Destined to Win released, D&K's music catalog were reissued on ForeFront Records in 1992, from their debut album This Time Thru to The Pledge.

Track listing

All tracks were written by Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key, except where noted.

1. Color Me Gone (new recording) -3:53

2. Boycott Hell (from The Pledge) -3:22

3. Rock Solid (from D&K) -4:32

4. Every Moment (from Street Light) -3:54

5. Addey (from Street Light) -4:11

6. I'm Accepted (from The Pledge) -3:57

7. Six, Six, Six (digitally remixed) (from Communication) -3:33

8. I'll Come Out Fighting for You (new recording) -4:04

9. Destined to Win (vocal duet with Jessy Dixon) (from Commander Sozo and

the Charge of the Light Brigade) -3:25

10. Ready or Not (from Mission of Mercy) -2:47

11. Long Distance Runner (from Straight On) -4:11

12. Hand in Hand (from The Pledge) -4:39

13. Casual Christian (from Commander Sozo and the Charge of the Light Brigade)


14. Let the Whole World Sing (Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key, Bob Farrell) (from Mission

of Mercy) -3:38

Production credits

DeGarmo & Key -producers (tracks 1, 3 -5, 7 -11, 13 and 14)

Ron W. Griffin -producer (tracks 2, 6 and 12)

John Hampton -co-producer (tracks 3 -5)

Joe Hardy -co-producer (track 11)

Greg Morrow -digital remixer (track 7)

Radio singles

1992 -1993 "I'll Come Out Fighting for You" -#9 Christian CHR, #13 Christian AC

Previous release: Go to the Top (1991)

Next release: Heat. It. Up. (1993)

Watch the music video of "Classic Rock Medley" here:

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