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The Pledge (1989)

Updated: Jun 11

The Pledge is the ninth studio album by the Christian rock duo DeGarmo & Key. It was released on June 26, 1989 and it is the final album on the Power Discs label as the label folded and changed to ForeFront Records with distribution by Benson Records. The album was produced by Ron W. Griffin, who produced Eddie DeGarmo's solo project Feels Good to Be Forgiven the year before.

The Pledge is a sequel to their 1987 album D&K, but with a theme about making a commitment to the Lord by taking the pledge with its mantra, "He died for me, I'll live for Him." All the tracks were written by the duo. The songs are about self-esteem ("I'm Accepted"), abortion ("Who Will"), friendships ("Hand in Hand") and redemption ("Let's Get Upset") among other topics.  Each of the ten songs has a Bible study that you can answer questions to. The album itself was a somewhat return to their mid 1980s pop/rock sound while still incorporating their brand of arena rock.

D&K also released a companion video on VHS entitled Take the Pledge, which is a collection of music videos by the duo featuring "Hand in Hand," "The Pledge," "Rock Solid" (from the Rock Solid live album and video), "Feels Good to Be Forgiven" by DeGarmo and "Heavenbound" by ForeFront Records' first signing act DC Talk, plus an interview with D&K by CCM Magazine editor and founder John W. Styll.

The Pledge climbed to number 5 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. The band was nominated for Dove Awards related to The Pledge for the next two years. In 1990, D&K was nominated for Group of the Year and Rock Album of the Year and the following year, they were nominated for Musical Album of the Year, also called The Pledge, Short Form Music Video for "Hand in Hand" and Long Form Music Video for Take the Pledge.

Track listing

All tracks were written by Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key.

1. Boycott Hell -3:21

2. Aliens and Strangers -3:05

3. I'm Accepted -3:56

4. Hand in Hand -4:37

5. The Pledge -5:15

6. Life in the New Age -2:32

7. Let's Get Upset -4:31

8. Who Will -3:18

9. Right on Track -4:30

10. If God Is For Us (Who Can Be Against Us) -3:29


DeGarmo & Key:

Dana Key -lead vocals, guitars on all tracks

Eddie DeGarmo -keyboards, Hammond B-3 organ, vocals

Tommy Cathey -bass guitar, vocals

Chuck Reynolds -drums

Steve Taylor -vocals, guitar on track 10

Radio singles

1989 "If God Is For Us (Who Can Be Against Us)" -#5 Christian CHR, #3 Christian AC

1989 "Hand in Hand" -#7 Christian CHR, #7 Christian AC

1990 "I'm Accepted" -#3 Christian CHR, #15 Christian AC

1990 "Who Will" -#23 Christian CHR, #24 Christian AC

Watch the music video collection Take the Pledge here:

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