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The Journey (1990)

Updated: Jul 2

The Journey is the first solo album by DeGarmo & Key musician -songwriter Dana Key. It was released on April 16, 1990 by ForeFront/Benson Records. The album was produced by Ron W. Griffin.

Nearly a year after D&K released The Pledge, Key released his first solo album outside the band (just like DeGarmo before him with Feels Good to Be Forgiven).

It's a passion project Key wanted to release as The Journey is subtitled Walking With Jesus, as it looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as sung from his perspective. Key also covers Larry Norman's 1972 classic "The Outlaw" from Norman's album Only Visiting This Planet. The track later appeared in the 1995 Norman tribute album One Way: The Songs of Larry Norman.

The track "Pray for Peace" was a prayer song to the men and women who were serving overseas as the focus of the Gulf War's Operation: Desert Storm. The Journey peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

All tracks were written by Dana Key, except where noted.

1. We Need a Savior -3:57

2. The Outlaw (Larry Norman) -4:28

3. Bow Down -3:59

4. Sister (It's a Mean World) -2:53

5. Come to Me -3:24

6. Live in the Light -3:10

7. Here, There or In the Air (prelude) -0:35

8. Pray for Peace -3:43

9. Kingdom of Grace -4:11

10. The Death -1:50

11. Up From the Dead -3:41

12. Here, There or In the Air -4:13

Radio singles

1990 "Up From the Dead" -#8 Christian CHR, #7 Christian AC

1990 "The Outlaw" -#3 Christian CHR, #15 Christian AC

1990 -1991 "Pray for Peace" -#3 Christian CHR, #6 Christian AC

Previous release: The Pledge (1989)

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