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Phase II (1990)

Updated: Jul 3

Phase II (subtitled Afterlife Guarantee) is the second and final solo album by DeGarmo & Key musician - songwriter Eddie DeGarmo. It was released on

September 12, 1990 by ForeFront/Benson Records. It was produced by DeGarmo and Ron W. Griffin.

Phase II was released months after DeGarmo's band mate Dana Key released his first solo album The Journey. Phase II continues his Memphis Soul sound with some elements of blues rock. DeGarmo collaborates with the R&B gospel group Commissioned on two tracks: "Fragile Heart" (the album's lead single) and

"Profession of Faith." The second single is a cover of the Bill Gaither Trio classic

"There's Something About That Name" featuring Russ Taff and former lead singer

of Grand Funk Railroad, Mark Farner. A music video was made for this track featuring all three singers, plus the song's co-writer Bill Gaither on the piano and Larry Howard on the guitar solo.

In 1991, DeGarmo earned his second (and final) solo Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album for Phase II. That same year, DeGarmo reunited with Key to record the next D&K album Go to the Top.

Track listing

All tracks were written by Eddie DeGarmo, except where noted.

1. Fragile Heart (featuring Commissioned) -4:13

2. Can't Stand Still -4:07

3. My Way Home -3:56

4. Phase II -4:58

5. There's Something About That Name (featuring Russ Taff and Mark

Farner) (Bill and Gloria Gaither) -3:52

6. Prayed for a Woman Like You -4:44

7. Make It Count -4:16

8. Profession of Faith (featuring Commissioned) -4:12

9. Shoreline -5:01

10. Forgive Me for Doubting You -4:04

11. Beyond the Tears -5:09

Radio singles

1990 "Fragile Heart" featuring Commissioned -#7 Christian CHR, #12 Christian AC

1991 "There's Something About That Name" featuring Russ Taff and Mark Farner

-#29 Christian AC

1991 "Can't Stand Still" -#5 Christian CHR

1991 "My Way Home" -#15 Christian AC

1992 "Profession of Faith" featuring Commissioned -#35 Christian AC

Next release: Go to the Top (1991)

Watch the music video of "There's Something About That Name" here:

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