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Fiel A Ti (1995)

Fiel A Ti is a 1995 Spanish-language album by Christian rock singer -songwriter Margaret Becker on Sparrow Records. It is a collection of Becker's songs sung in Spanish with Peter York and Artoro Allen as executive producers, Paul Sayo handling production of vocals in Spanish and Susana Allen with linguistic production. The album was aimed at the Christian Latin market.

Track listing

All songs written by Margaret Becker, except where noted.

1. Fiel A Ti (All I Ever Wanted) -4:32

2. Esto Sé (This I Know) -3:36

3. De No Saber (I Wouldn't Know) -5:06

4. A Mí (Find Me) -3:40

5. Consagrado A Ti (True Devotion) (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock, Doug

McKevey) -4:00

6. Fijamente Ve (Look Me In The Eye) (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock) -4:38

7. Que Mi Mente Esté En Ti (Keep My Mind) -4:02

8. Sólo Tu Amor (Only Your Love) (Lorraine Ferro, Russ DeSalvo, Stephanie Lewis)


9. Vivir En Sencillez (Simple House) (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock) -3:30

10. A Tu Lado Estaré (I Will Be With You) (Margaret Becker, Charlie Peacock) -4:28

Previous release: Grace (1995)

Next release: Falling Forward (1998)

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