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Front Row (1982)

Front Row is a 1982 live album by Christian singer -songwriter David Meece on Myrrh Records. The live album is produced by Brown Bannister and was recorded live at Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. A live recording of "Jesus" was released as the lead single. Meece recorded an early studio version from his 1976 debut album David. Front Row peaked at number 14 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. Heaven Knows (Dan Walsh, Harvey Price) -2:41

2. Jesus (David Meece) -4:48

3. Rattle Me, Shake Me (Nancy Honeytree) -4:44

4. Mother, Muffler, Mozart and Jesus (Medley)

-"Mozart Sonata A Minor 1st Movement" (arranged by David Meece)

-"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)


5. All the Time (David Meece) -4:17

6. Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else But You (David Meece) -2:59

7. Gospel Train (David Meece) -3:05

8. Comin' Back (David Meece) -3:14

9. Crucifixion (Medley)

-"There Once Lived A Man" (David Meece)

-"Intermezzo" (David Meece)

-"Ten Thousand Angels" (Ray Overholt)

-"The Bystander" (David Meece)

-"Were You There" (David Meece)

-"We Are The Reason" (David Meece)


Radio singles

"Jesus" -#13 Christian CHR

Previous release: Are You Ready? (1980)

Next release: Count the Cost (1983)

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