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Manifesto (1986)

Updated: Jan 8

Manifesto is the fifth studio album by the Christian music husband and wife duo Farrell and Farrell. Released in the fall of 1986, it would be their final album on the Star Song Records label.

Manifesto featured techno/pop ("Launch Window"), rock ("Hidden Agenda") and ballads ("Fair Companion"). Their very first music video they made was for "People All Over the World" to promote the album. The song offers prayerful recognition of what had been a recent outpouring of compassion songs like USA for Africa's "We Are the World." Bob Farrell and Carl Marsh produced the album and have written some songs on it. After the release of Manifesto, their contract with Star Song expired and they would not release another album for two years.

Track listing

All songs written by Bob Farrell and Carl Marsh, except where noted.

1. Launch Window -4:30

2. Captain Video -3:45

3. Manifesto -4:01

4. The Possible Dream -4:06

5. Fair Companion (Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins) -3:38

6. Corazon (Bob Farrell) -3:34

7. My First Love (Bob Farrell) -4:16

8. Hidden Agenda (Bob Farrell, Mike Demus) -4:11

9. Hearts and Minds -3:36

10. People All Over the World (Bob Farrell, Mike Demus, Carl Marsh) -5:28

Radio singles

1986 "Launch Window" -#13 Christian CHR

1986 "Fair Companion" -#2 Christian AC

1987 "Manifesto" -#9 Christian CHR

1987 "People All Over the World" -#4 Christian AC

1987 "Hearts and Minds" -#30 Christian AC

Previous release: Jump to Conclusion (1985)

Next release: Superpower (1989)

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