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Jump to Conclusions (1985)

Updated: Jan 8

Jump to Conclusions is the fifth studio album by the Christian music husband and wife duo Farrell and Farrell, released in 1985 and their second album on Star Song Records.

Continuing their new wave/techno pop sound from their 1984 album Choices, Jump to Conclusions is once again produced by Bob Farrell and Eddie DeGarmo. The single "People in a Box" became a Top 5 hit on Christian radio. The song is a satirical commentary on television culture. The song "The Meek and the Mighty" was a tribute to the struggling church in Eastern Europe. "American Man" is a patriotic song done in a new wave setting featuring a guitar solo by Dana Key of DeGarmo & Key. On his guitar solo, you'll hear a little bit of "The Star-Spangled Banner" which was composed by Francis Scott Key for whom Dana Key is a direct descendant. The album climbed to number 12 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. Jump Up (Bob Farrell, Mike Demus) -4:06

2. People in a Box (Bob Farrell, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -3:34

3. Split Second (Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins) -3:46

4. American Man (Bob Farrell, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key, Mike Demus) -3:53

5. The Sting (Bob Farrell, Mike Demus) -3:35

6. Heart in the Right Place (Bob Farrell, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -3:17

7. Hungry Eyes, Thirsty Hearts (Bob Farrell, Mike Demus, Dave Robbins) -4:07

8. Shakedown (Bob Farrell, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key, Dave Robbins) -4:30

9. The Meek and the Mighty (Bob Farrell) -3:07

10. I Belong to Him (Bob Farrell, Mike Demus) -3:17

Radio singles

1985 "Heart in the Right Place" -#21 Christian AC

1985 "People in a Box" -#4 Christian CHR

1986 "American Man" -#15 Christian CHR

Previous release: Choices (1984)

Next release: Manifesto (1986)

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