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Choices (1984)

Updated: Jun 2

Choices is the fourth studio album by the Christian music husband and wife duo Farrell and Farrell. Released in 1984, this is the first of three albums they would release on the Star Song Records label. The Farrells were on Benson's NewPax label since 1978 and left that label for Star Song.

Their sound is more new wave/techno pop this time around as evidenced by their singles "Hosanna Gloria" and "Get Right or Get Left." Both songs were hits on Christian radio, particularly Christian Hit Radio (CHR) and Christian Rock. Their ballad "Give Me the Words" was one of their signature songs and a hit on Christian AC radio stations. The album is produced by Bob Farrell and Eddie DeGarmo. Christian Rock duo DeGarmo & Key were involved in the album as musicians with DeGarmo as one of keyboard and synthesizer players and Key on lead electric guitar. They co-wrote "Get Right or Get Left" with Bob Farrell. Billy Smiley and Mark Gersmehl of White Heart were also involved with co-writing songs with Farrell. Choices gave Farrell and Farrell their first Top 10 album peaking at number 10 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. Hosanna Gloria (Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins) -3:10

2. He Will Always Make a Way (Bob Farrell) -3:56

3. Get Right or Get Left (Bob Farrell, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -3:47

4. Through Your Eyes (Bob Farrell, Billy Smiley) -3:50

5. Ransome (Bob Farrell) -3:18

6. He Reigns (Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins) -3:23

7. The Greatest of These (Bob Farrell, Billy Smiley) -3:09

8. Choose to Love (Bob Farrell, Mark Gersmehl) -3:25

9. Give Me the Words (Bob Farrell, Billy Smiley) -3:57

10. He is There (Bob Farrell, Mark Gersmehl) -3:23

Radio singles

1984 "Hosanna Gloria" -#10 Christian AC/CHR

1984 "Give Me the Words" -#4 Christian AC/CHR

1984 "Get Right or Get Left" -#28 Christian AC/CHR

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