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Petra en Alabanza (1992)

Petra en Alabanza is a 1992 full-length Spanish language album by the Christian rock band Petra on Word Records and Word Records International. It is Petra's first Spanish language album and is a Spanish version of their 1989 album Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out. The track listing is identical to the English version, except for one track "No Weapon Formed Against Us," is not on the Spanish recording. Only the vocals were re-recorded for this album. Produced by band members Bob Hartman and John Lawry.

Track listing

1. Amo Al Señor (I Love the Lord) -3:33

2. Rey de Reyes (King of Kings) -1:46

3. Cristo Glorioso Rey (Jesus, Jesus Glorious One) -2:23

4. La Batalla Es De Nuestro Señor (The Battle Belongs to the Lord) -2:58

5. Señor Llévame A Tus Atrios (Take Me In) -4:13

6. La Salvación Es De Nuestro Dios (Salvation Belongs to Our God) -2:58

7. El Rey De Gloria Entrará (The King of Glory Shall Come In) -2:55

8. Yo Celebraré/El Espíritu De Dios (I Will Celebrate/When the Spirit of the Lord)


9. Te Alabo (I Will Sing Praise) -2:47

10. Tu Nombre Santo Es (Hallowed Be Thy Name) -4:10

11. Amigos (Friends) -4:20

12. Clamaré a mi Señor (I Will Call Upon the Lord) -2:58

13. Te Exaltamos (We Exalt Thee) -3:43



Bob Hartman -lead guitar, arrangements

John Schlitt -lead vocals

Ronny Cates -bass guitar

John Lawry -keyboards, arrangements, backing vocals

Louie Weaver -drums

Previous release: Unseen Power (1991)

Next release: Wake-Up Call (1993)

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