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Portfolio (1987)

Portfolio is an early compilation album of Christian singer - songwriter Kathy Troccoli, released in 1987 on Reunion Records. It is a collection of ten songs hand-picked by the record label. Troccoli had no involvement with this collection. She was on her five-year sabbatical when this album was released. The selected songs are from her first three albums Stubborn Love, Heart & Soul and Images.

Track listing

1. Holy Holy (Michael W. and Debbie D. Smith, Brown and Debbie Bannister) (from Heart & Soul) -4:50

2. I Belong to You (Mark Gersmehl, James Ward) (from Heart & Soul) -4:34

3. Long Distance Letter (Gary Chapman, Tim Marsh, Keith Thomas) (from Heart & Soul) -3:26

4. Once in a Lifetime Love (Gary Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Rosemary Dunham) (from Stubborn Love) -4:47

5. If Only (Kathy Troccoli, Jack Fowler) (from Images) -3:45

6. Mighty Lord (Phil Madeira) (from Heart & Soul) -5:21

7. Talk It Out (Kathy Troccoli, Phil Naish, Wayne Kirkpatrick) (from Images) -4:41

8. Dream On (Kathy Troccoli, Dann Huff, Phil Naish, Wayne Kirkpatrick) (from Images) -5:35

9. All I Must Do (Brown Bannister, Mike Blanton) (from Stubborn Love) -3:50

10. Stubborn Love (Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Brown Bannister, Sloan Towner) (from Stubborn Love) -4:32

Production credits

Brown Bannister -producer (tracks 1 -4, 6, 9 and 10)

Dann Huff and Phil Naish -producers (tracks 5, 7 and 8)

Previous release: Images (1986)

Next release: Pure Attraction (1991)

Listen to the playlist Portfolio here:

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