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Toma La Cruz (1990)

Updated: Jun 24

Toma La Cruz (translated as "take the Cross" or the track "Embrace the Cross") is the second Spanish language album by Christian singer Steve Green, released in 1990 by Sparrow Records. The album was produced and arranged by Greg Nelson with lyrics translated by Patricio Acostas. Like his first Spanish album Tienen Que Saber, Green sings seven select songs from his previous English language Sparrow releases and has recorded two new Spanish language tracks just for this album. The album was made and distributed by Piedra Angular

Comunicaciones in Mexico.

Track listing

1. Más Allá del Sol/La Mañana Gloriosa (Emiliano Ponce; arranged by Robert

Savage) -3:31

2. Dolor a Danza (Mourning Into Dancing) (John G. Elliot) -2:11

3. Sinfonia de Alabanza (Symphony of Praise) (Jon Mohr, Randall Dennis) -4:45

4. Buscando la Ciudad (Looking For a City) (Dick and Melodie Tunney, Beverly

Darnall) -2:39

5. Aquél Quien la Buena Obra Empezó (He Who Began a Good Work in You)

(Jon Mohr) -3:24

6. El Gozo Viene de El (That's Where the Joy Comes From) (John G. Elliot) -3:15

7. Dios, Tan Solo Dios (God and God Alone) (Phill McHugh) -4:11

8. Oh Que Inmenso Amor/Ven Amigo A Jesús (Jamie Redin) -3:24

9. Toma La Cruz (Embrace the Cross) (John G. Elliot) -4:15

Next release: We Believe (1991)

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