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War & Rememberance (1990)

Updated: Apr 3

War & Remembrance is a 2 CD compilation album by the Christian rock band Petra, released in 1990 on Star Song Records. Unlike the 1989 rock compilation album Petra Means Rock, this 2 CD (and two cassette), 28 song set is an extension of said album, but also contains their radio ballads. A look at the band's first 15 years of music and ministry, their journey starts on Disc 1 with "Come and Join Us" from their album of the same name to the end on Disc 2 with the final song "Parting Thought" from their self-titled 1974 debut album. The box set also contains a booklet info about the band's albums up to this point in their career. The box set was sold for a limited time and is now out-of-print.

Track listing

All songs were written by Bob Hartman, except where noted.

Disc 1

1. Come and Join Us (from Come and Join Us) -4:39

2. Why Should the Father Bother (from Washes Whiter Than) -3:52

3. Yahweh Love (from Washes Whiter Than) -5:43

4. The Coloring Song (Dave Eden) (from Never Say Die) -2:55

5. Chameleon (from Never Say Die) -5:50

6. Angel of Light (from Never Say Die) -4:22

7. Stand Up (from More Power to Ya) -3:36

8. Second Wind (from More Power to Ya) -4:37

9. More Power to Ya (from More Power to Ya) -3:40

10. Road to Zion (Mike Hudson) (from More Power to Ya) -4:02

11. Not Of This World (from Not Of This World) -4:52

12. Grave Robber (from Not Of This World) -4:20

13. Not by Sight (John Slick) (from Not Of This World) -3:22

14. Beat the System (from Beat the System) -4:25

15. Computer Brains (from Beat the System) -4:02

16. Clean (from Beat the System) -3:03

Disc 2

1. Praise Medley: (from Captured in Time and Space) -7:42

-Let Everything That Hath Breath (Greg X. Volz)

-Without Him We Can Do Nothing (Greg X. Volz)

-Praise Ye the Lord (Greg X. Volz)

-Hallelujah Chorus (George Frideric Handel)

2. Back to the Street (from Back to the Street) -4:17

3. Whole World (from Back to the Street) -4:52

4. Thankful Heart (Bob Hartman, Dino Elefante) (from Back to the Street) -3:19

5. This Means War! (from This Means War!) -3:31

6. Don't Let Your Heart be Hardened (from This Means War!) -3:44

7. Get On Your Knees and Fight Like a Man (from This Means War!) -4:34

8. I Am Available (from This Means War!) -4:28

9. All Fired Up (from On Fire!) -4:31

10. Hit You Where You Live (Bob Hartman, Billy Smiley, Dino Elefante) (from On Fire!) -4:22

11. First Love (Bob Hartman, John Elefante) (from On Fire!) -4:11

12. Parting Thought (from Petra) -1:30



Bob Hartman -lead guitar (all tracks), lead vocals (tracks Disc 1: 1; Disc 2: 12)

Greg Hough -guitar, vocals (tracks Disc 1: 1; Disc 2: 12)

John DeGroff -bass guitar (tracks Disc 1: 1)

Bill Glover -drums, percussion (tracks Disc 1: 1)

Greg X. Volz -guest vocals (track Disc 1: 1),backing vocals (track Disc 1: 2), lead vocals (Disc 1: 3 -16; Disc 2: 1)

Rob Frazier -lead vocals (track Disc 1: 2)

Mark Kelly -bass guitar, backing vocals (tracks Disc 1: 4 -16; Disc 2: 1 -8)

John Slick -keyboards, backing vocals (tracks Disc 1: 4 -13)

Louie Weaver -drums, percussion (tracks Disc 1: 7 -16; Disc 2: 1 -11)

John Schlitt -lead vocals, backing vocals (tracks Disc 2: 2 -11)

John Lawry -keyboards (tracks Disc 1: 14 -16; Disc 2: 1 -11)

Ronny Cates -bass guitar (tracks Disc 2: 9 -11)

Production credits

Jonathan David Brown -producer (tracks Disc 1: 4 -16; Disc 2: 1)

John and Dino Elefante -producers (tracks Disc 2: 2 -11)

Billy Ray Hearn -producer (track Disc 2: 12)

Austin Roberts -producer (track Disc 1: 1)

George Atwell -producer (track Disc 1: 2, 3)


Next release: Beyond Belief (1990)

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