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Winds of Change (1995)

Updated: May 28

Winds of Change is the seventh studio album by singer - songwriter Russ Taff. It was released on February 28, 1995 and it is his first, and only, full-length mainstream country album by Reprise/Warner Records Nashville and on Warner Alliance for the Christian retail market.

The title song and "I Cry" are the only two songs from his 1989 album The Way Home that Taff re-recorded for this album. The first country single "Love Is Not a Thing" debuted on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart in January 1995 and peaked at number 53. The second single "One and Only Love" peaked a little higher at number 51. The singles were accompanied by music videos that received some good rotation on CMT (Country Music Television). Well-known country songwriter/producer/musician Randy Scruggs produced the album's first six tracks, while Taff and his long-time guitarist James Hollihan, Jr. produced the remaining four tracks.

Track listing

1. Bein' Happy (Russ Taff, Tori Taff) -4:08

2. One and Only Love (Steven Dale Jones, Bobby Tomberlin) -4:17

3. Love Is Not a Thing (Mark Stephen Cawley, Kye Fleming, Mary Lee Kennedy) -3:12

4. I Cry (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, James Hollihan, Jr.) -4:09

5. I'd Fall in Love Tonight (Mike Reid, Naomi Martin) -3:32

6. Winds of Change (Danny Wilde, Danny Tate) -4:14

7. Your Face (Cliff Eberhardt) -4:41

8. Heart Like Yours (Russ Taff, John Barlow Jarvis) -3:11

9. Once in a Lifetime (Russ Taff, Matt Timm) -3:42

10. Home to You (Russ Taff, Gary Nicholson) -3:20

Production credits

Randy Scruggs -producer (tracks 1-6)

Russ Taff and James Hollihan, Jr. -producers (tracks 7-10)

Radio singles

1995 "Your Face" -#37 Christian AC

1995 "Love Is Not a Thing" -#53 Hot Country Songs

1995 "One and Only Love" -#51 Hot Country Songs

1995 "Bein' Happy" -#66 Hot Country Songs

Watch the music video of "Love Is Not a Thing" here:

Watch the music video of "One and Only Love" here:

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