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We Will Stand/Yesterday and Today (1994)

Updated: Jan 27

We Will Stand/Yesterday and Today is a compilation album by Christian singer - songwriter Russ Taff. This was his final album on the Myrrh Records label released in 1994.

It is a collection of Taff's favorite songs from his solo years on the Myrrh label as well as a couple of songs from his time with The Imperials. It also contains one previously unreleased track, "Your Love Stays with Me," originally recorded by Christian singer - songwriter Gary Chapman on his 1987 album Everyday Man.

Track listings

1. Rock Solid (Tori Taff, James Hollihan, Jr. Raymond Brown) (from Medals) -4:08

2. Walk Between the Lines (Dave Perkins) (from Russ Taff) -5:30

3. Here I Am (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, Chris Eaton) (from Medals) -4:11

4. Believe in Love (Chris Eaton) (from Medals) -4:54

5. Not Gonna Bow (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, James Newton Howard, Michael Landau) (from Medals) -3:51

6. I Still Believe (Michael Been, JIm Goodwin) (from Russ Taff) -4:30

7. Silent Love (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, Elizabeth Janz, Paul Janz, Chrissie Grossman Puig, Robbie Buchanan)

(from Medals) -4:45

8. We Will Stand (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, James Hollihan, Jr.) (from Walls of Glass) -4:37

9. Farther On (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, James Hollihan, Jr.) (from The Way Home) -3:49

10. Winds of Change (Danny Tate, Danny Wilde) (from The Way Home) -4:17

11. I Cry (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, James Hollihan, Jr.) (from The Way Home) -4:07

12. Trumpet of Jesus (Michael Omartian, Stormie Omartian) (from the Imperials album Priority) -3:46

13. Praise the Lord (Brown Bannister, Mike Hudson) (from the Imperials album Heed the Call) -3:27

14. Your Love Stays with Me (Mike Reid, Rory Michael Bourke) (previously unreleased) -3:15

Production credits

Jack Joseph Puig -producer (tracks 1-7)

Russ Taff -producer (tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9-11 and 14)

James Hollihan, Jr. -producer (tracks 9-11 and 14)

Bill Schnee -producer (track 8)

Michael Omartian -producer (track 12)

Chris Christian -producer (track 13)

Radio singles

1994 "Your Love Stays with Me" -#39 Christian AC

Previous release: A Christmas Song (1992)

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