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Encores (1981)

Updated: Feb 19

Encores is a compilation album of the Christian vocal trio 2nd Chapter of Acts, released in 1981 on Myrrh/Word Records. It was released one week after Rejoice, their latest studio album at the time, was released. It features eleven tracks from their two Myrrh albums With Footnotes (1974) and In the End of the Book (1975). In 2000, Encores was re-issued on CD, making it the first time that this collection, with its select songs, is available in that format as well as digitally. Both albums are not available on CD or digitally.

Track listing

All songs were written by Annie Herring, except where noted.

1. Which Way the Wind Blows (Annie Herring, Nelly Ward) (from With Footnotes)


2. Easter Song (from With Footnotes) -2:26

3. Last Day of My Life (from In the Volume of the Book) -3:10

4. Ps. 63 (Matthew Ward, Richard Souther) (from In the Volume of the Book) -1:55

5. Prince Song (from In the Volume of the Book) -2:57

6. Hey, Whatcha' Say (2nd Chapter of Acts) (from In the Volume of the Book) -3:21

7. Yaweh (Jesse Cosio) (from In the Volume of the Book) -3:08

8. Morning Comes When You Call (Annie Herring, Matthew Ward) (from In the

Volume of the Book) -3:10

9. Love, Peace, Joy (from With Footnotes) -2:37

10. He Loves Me (from With Footnotes) -5:13

11. The Son Comes Over the Hill (from With Footnotes) -3:23

All tracks produced by Buck Herring


2nd Chapter of Acts:

Annie Herring -vocals, piano

Nelly Greisen -vocals

Matthew Ward -vocals

Previous release: Rejoice (1981)

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