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Free Man (1979)

Free Man is the second studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Paul Smith.

It was released independently in 1979 on the Post Script Records label. Smith was the first artist to record "Touch of the Master's Hand," later to be recorded by fellow Christian vocalist Wayne Watson for his debut album Workin' In the Final Hour (1980) and was written by John Kramp. After the release of Free Man, Smith became a member of The Imperials, replacing outgoing member Russ Taff in 1981, and would record four studio albums and one live concert video with the vocal group before resuming his solo career in 1986. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

With the exception of track 12, "Touch of the Master's Hand," there is no information as far as who wrote the songs or who produced Free Man. Track information is provided by Discogs.

1. First Song -0:55

2. Free Man -3:08

3. The Master's Love -4:11

4. Jesus Got Me Singing Again -3:41

5. First Song (reprise) -0:46

6. Turn Around -4:01

7. Love the Lord -4:33

8. Just Like You -4:20

9. Safe in His Hands -3:32

10. Yellow Pages -2:43

11. Last Day of My Life -4:41

12. Touch of the Master's Hand (John Kramp) -4:33

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