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How the West Was One (1978)

Updated: Mar 8

How the West Was One is a three-LP live album featuring the Christian vocal trio 2nd Chapter of Acts, Christian artist - musician Phil Keaggy and a band called David. It was released in early 1978 and the trio's final release on Myrrh/Word Records. The set was produced by Buck Herring.

It is the trio's second live album (after 1975's To the Bride with Barry McGuire), this time with Keaggy joining them on vocals and guitar. How the West Was One is a collection of songs recorded in a series of 18 concerts held throughout the western United States in 1977. Half the album (sides 1, 5 and 6) was performed by 2nd Chapter of Acts and half by Phil Keaggy. The two artists backed each other up throughout.

Besides material from previous albums by both artists, the album features two songs from Annie Herring's first solo album Through a Child's Eyes and three otherwise unavailable songs (one each by Keaggy, Matthew Ward with Richard Souther, and Herring). In 1990, Live Oak Records re-issued the live set on 2 CDs and 2 cassette tapes and again in 1991 by Sparrow Records. In 2001, CCM Magazine named How the West Was One as one of The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music at number 93.

Track listing

2nd Chapter of Acts

1. Concert Intro – 2:26

2. Hey, Whatcha Say (2nd Chapter of Acts) –3:38

3. Song Intro –0:34

4. Keep On Shinin' (Annie Herring) –3:27

5. Song Intro –1:08

6. I Fall in Love/Change (Annie Herring) –4:43

7. Now That I Belong to You (Annie Herring) –3:43

8. Phil's Intro –0:23

Phil Keaggy

9. Song Intro –0:42

10. What a Day (Phil Keaggy) –5:56

11. Song Intro – 1:00

12. Love Broke Thru (Keith Green, Randy Stonehill, Todd Fishkind) –3:37

13. Song Intro –0:27

14. Take Me Closer (Phil Keaggy) –5:07

15. Song Intro –0:23

16. My Life (Phil Keaggy) –5:39

17. Song Intro –0:07

18. Another Try (Phil Keaggy)– 5:25

19. Song Intro –0:17

20. Rejoice (Phil Keaggy) –16:22

21. Song Intro – 0:03

22. Just the Same (Phil Keaggy, Buck Owens) –4:08

23. Song Intro –0:06

24. Hallelujah (Phil Keaggy) –5:47

25. Time (Phil Keaggy) –9:44

2nd Chapter of Acts

26. Song Intro –1:10

25. Easter Song (Annie Herring) –3:45

26. Song Intro –1:02

27. Dance With You (Annie Herring) –3:08

28. Which Way the Wind Blows (Annie Herring, Nelly Ward)– 4:44

29. Song Intro –2:44

30. Something Tells Me (Annie Herring) –3:52

31. Yahweh (Jesse Cosio)– 3:24

32. Song Intro –1:46

33. PS 61 (Matthew Ward) (Matthew Ward, Richard Southern) –2:32

34. Grinding Stone (Annie Herring) (Annie Herring) –2:43

35. Receive (Annie Herring) (Annie Herring) –3:52

36. Song Intro –0:30

37. Medley: Morning Comes When You Call (Annie Herring, Matthew Ward)/ The

Son Comes Over the Hill (Annie Herring) -6:20

Personnel and band credits

Phil Keaggy -vocals, guitar

2nd Chapter of Acts:

Annie Herring -vocals, piano

Nelly Ward (Greisen) -vocals

Matthew Ward -vocals

a band called David:

Gene Gunnels – drums

Herb Melton – bass

Richard Souther – piano, multi-keyboards, background vocals

Peter York – rhythm guitar, background vocals

2nd Chapter of Acts:

Phil Keaggy:

Previous release: Emerging (1977)

Next release: The Master and the Musician (1978)

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