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To the Bride (1975)

To the Bride is a two-LP live album featuring singer -songwriter Barry McGuire, vocal trio 2nd Chapter of Acts and a band called David. It was released in the fall of 1975 on Myrrh/Word Records and was produced by Buck Herring.

The album was culled from four concerts performed in the summer of 1975 and is the first of two live albums that 2nd Chapter of Acts recorded for Myrrh Records, although the majority of the concert is performed by McGuire. To the Bride was recorded at the following four concerts:

Warnors Theatre -Fresno, California (July 19)

Oakland Auditorium Theatre -Oakland, California (July 26)

Civic Auditorium -Redding, California (August 2)

Burroughs Auditorium -Burbank, California (August 9)

Side two and the first three tracks of side three are performed by 2nd Chapter of Acts. The majority of these songs do not appear on any of their other albums. A band called David are a group of musicians that provide instrumental support for the trio. The album was re-released on two CDs in 2007 with one song "Denomination Blues" excluded. A YouTube link is posted below this article with "Denomination Blues" included.

Track listing

Barry McGuire

1. Intro -0:56

2. Come to Praise the Lord (Medley) (arranged by Barry McGuire) –3:30

3. Little Bitty Dude –3:23

4. He's Coming Back (Barry McGuire, Tony Selerno) –4:52

5. Sad Song –2:36

6. Happy Road (Barry McGuire) –3:33

7. Acts Intro –2:23

2nd Chapter of Acts

8. Which Way's the Light (Annie Herring) –2:03

9. Love, Peace, Joy (Annie Herring) –2:38

10. Layers –1:05

11. I Wonder (Annie Herring) –1:55

12. Ogre –0:51

13. Am I Seeing You (Annie Herring) –2:15

14. Denomination Blues (Washington Phillips) -2:43

15. A Friend –0:18

16. Jimmy's Song (Annie Herring) –2:33

17. Snow White –1:36

18. Prince Song (Annie Herring) –3:27

19. He Alone Is Worthy (Annie Herring) –0:46

20. Easter Song (Annie Herring) -2:34

21. He is Coming (Annie Herring) -3:18

Barry McGuire

22. Anyone But Jesus (Barry McGuire, Andy Davis) –4:10

23. The Only Way –1:53

24. Sing the Melody (Barry McGuire, Matthew Ward) –3:22

25. Shock Absorbers –1:55

26. Chosen Generation (Barry McGuire) –3:25

27. Jesus People (Barry McGuire) –2:33

28. Walked a Mile (Barry Mann) –4:26

29. Dolphins –4:27

30. Callin' Me Home (Barry McGuire) –3:54

31. Each Other –0:13

32. Doesn't That Bible Say (Barry McGuire, Greg Lanson) –4:25

33. Brainwashed –0:49

34. Doesn't That Bible Say (reprise) –1:52

Personnel and band credits

Barry McGuire -vocals, guitar

2nd Chapter of Acts:

Annie Herring -vocals, piano

Nelly Ward (Greisen) -vocals

Matthew Ward -vocals

a band called David:

Jack Kelly – drums

Paul Offenbacher – guitars

Rick Azim – guitars

Herb Melton – bass

Richard Souther – piano, multi-keyboards, background vocals

Peter York – rhythm guitar, background vocals

Barry McGuire:

Previous release: Lighten Up (1974)

Next release: C'mon Along (1976)

2nd Chapter of Acts:

Listen to the live album To the Bride with "Denomination Blues" included here:

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