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I Just Call on You (1977)

Updated: Jul 4

I Just Call on You is the second studio album by Christian singer -songwriter David Meece, released in 1977 on Myrrh Records. The album is produced by prolific singer/songwriter/producer Chris Christian (that same year Christian produced Meece's label mate Amy Grant's self -titled debut album). I Just Call on You has never been released on CD and is not available digitally. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs written by David Meece, except where noted.

1. It's Gonna Be So Lovely (David Meece, Chris Christian) -2:42

2. I Just Call on You -2:37

3. With Tears In My Eyes -4:06

4. God's Love -3:02

5. The Man Who Saved the Fool -2:47

6. Follow Me (I'll Lead You Home) -3:08

7. In the Morning -3:21

8. Cold October Rain -3:09

9. Love Your Brother -2:33

10. Do You Know What It's Like? -2:46

Previous release: David (1976)

Listen to the album I Just Call on You here:

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