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I Just Call on You (1977)

I Just Call on You is the second studio album by Christian singer -songwriter David Meece, released in 1977 on Myrrh Records. The album is produced by prolific singer/songwriter/producer Chris Christian (that same year Christian produced Amy Grant's self -titled debut album).

Track listing

All songs written by David Meece, except where noted.

1. It's Gonna Be So Lovely (David Meece, Chris Christian) -2:42

2. I Just Call on You -2:37

3. With Tears In My Eyes -4:06

4. God's Love -3:02

5. The Man Who Saved the Fool -2:47

6. Follow Me (I'll Lead You Home) -3:08

7. In the Morning -3:21

8. Cold October Rain -3:09

9. Love Your Brother -2:33

10. Do You Know What It's Like? -2:46

Previous release: David (1976)

Listen to the album I Just Call on You here:

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