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Look Up (1986)

Updated: Jun 2

Look Up is the fourth studio album by the Christian rock band Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart, using the alias Look Up (named after a line from Broken Heart's Sheep in Wolves Clothing hit "Trains Up in the Sky"). Released in 1986 on CBS Associated Records, the album is a collaborative effort with Broken Heart and the Christian rock duo DeGarmo & Key with Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key co-producing with LeFevre and Joe Hardy. It was supposed to be a mainstream rock album by Broken Heart with DeGarmo & Key involved in songwriting and performing. Look Up peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. A link to the album on YouTube is below this page.

Track listing

1. It's Alright With Me (Mylon LeFevre, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -3:47

2. Love is All You Need (Mylon LeFevre, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -3:14

3. Peace Begins Within (Mylon LeFevre) -3:54

4. San Francisco (Mylon LeFevre, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -4:01

5. I Wish I Hadn't (Dave Perkins) -2:27

6. The Gunfighter (Mylon LeFevre, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -3:34

7. Heart of Iron (Kerry Livgren) -4:13

8. Saturday Night (Alison Prestwood, Jerome Olds, Scott Meeder, Tom Grosse)


9. Got to Get Used To It (Mylon LeFevre, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -3:00


Look Up:

Mylon LeFevre -lead vocals, guitar

Scott Allen -guitar, backing vocals

Michael Tyrell -guitar, backing vocals

Ben Hewitt -drums, percussion

Kenny Bentley -bass guitar, backing vocals

Paul Joseph -keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals

Production credits

Mylon LeFevre and Joe Hardy -producers (all tracks)

Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key -co-producers (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9)

Next release: Crack the Sky (1987)

Listen to the album Look Up here:

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