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Odyssey (1995)

Updated: Jul 4

Odyssey is the second official compilation album by Christian singer -songwriter David Meece. Released in 1995, it is Meece's third and final release on Star Song Records.

This collection contains fifteen previously released songs and one brand new song "God's Promises/Rainbows in the Night." The new track's intro features Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. In the CD linear notes, Meece dedicated the album "to those who are wearied by the doubt, loneliness and pain of living in a world more adept at accepting evil than expecting good." Meece calls these songs "God's promises" and it's a journey to get to know God more even in the midst of struggles and finding rainbows of peace above the storms of life. Odyssey includes "One Small Child," a Christmas recording from the 1990 various artists album Our Christmas. It's a song he wrote when Meece was eighteen years old.

NOTE: "God's Promises/Rainbows in the Night" would be David Meece's final single to Christian radio giving him his final Top 10 hit climbing to number 8 on The CCM Update Christian AC chart. At the time, Meece was working on his next album that was titled Send Down the Rain that was to be released in 1996, but Star Song Records was going through some personnel changes and Meece was dropped from the label and the album remains unreleased. Meece would not release an album of new material for six years. Odyssey is now out of print and it is not available digitally. A YouTube playlist is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs were written by David Meece, except where noted.

1. God's Promises/Rainbows in the Night (David Meece, Dwight Liles) (new recording) -6:29

2. Falling Down (from Count the Cost) -3:00

3. Higher Ground (from Candle in the Rain) -3:41

4. One Small Child (from Our Christmas) -5:12

5. You Can Go (David Meece, Michael Card, Mike Hudson) (from 7) -3:15

6. Tumblin' Down (from 7) -3:33

7. Forgiven (from 7) -4:08

8. His Love Was Reaching (David Meece, Gino Vannelli) (from Candle in the Rain)


9. Count the Cost (John Thompson, Randy Scruggs) (from Count the Cost)-2:52

10. We Can Overcome It All (from 7) -3:32

11. And You Know It's Right (David Meece, Michael W. Smith, Brown Bannister)

(from Count the Cost) -4:27

12. Seventy Times Seven (David Meece, Gino Vannelli, Joe Vannelli, Roy Freeland)

(from Chronology) -4:28

13. We Are the Reason (from Are You Ready?) -4:38

14. Early in the Morning (David Meece, Mike Hudson) (from Once in a Lifetime) -4:47

15. I Can See (David Meece, Gloria Gaither) (from 7) -5:30

16. The Rest of My Life (David Meece, Mike Hudson) (from Learning to Trust) -3:56

Production credits

Brian Tankersley -producer (tracks 3, 4 and 14)

Brown Bannister -producer (tracks 2, 5 -7, 9, 11 and 13)

David Meece -producer (tracks 4, 14 and 15)

Gino Vannelli and Joe Vannelli -producers (tracks 8 and 12)

Skip Konte -producer (track 10)

Greg Nelson -producer (track 15)

Shane Keister -producer (track 16)

Rhett Lawrence -producer (track 3)

Darrell A. Harris -executive producer (track 1)

Radio singles

1995 "God's Promises/Rainbows in the Night" -#8 Christian AC

Previous release: Once in a Lifetime (1993)

Listen to the playlist Odyssey here:

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