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There I Go Again (2002)

There I Go Again is David Meece's most recent and, to date, final studio album. Released on October 15, 2002 by Aluminum Records and distributed by Diamante Media Group. It had been nearly a decade since his last regular studio album Once in a Lifetime. The album is produced by Brian Hardin. Meece and his songwriting parter Dwight Liles wrote all ten songs. A live version of Meece's signature song "We Are the Reason" is included as a bonus track. With Meece playing piano and keyboards, his son Chris Meece plays drums and his daughter Kelly Meece provides backing vocals.

Track listing

All songs were written by David Meece and Dwight Liles, except where noted.

1. No Other Hope -5:32

2. Dancing With the Enemy -4:23

3. I Just Want to Be With You -3:46

4. I'll Be Waiting for You -5:03

5. Run -3:50

6. Things You Never Gave Me -4:44

7. Raise These Arms -3:40

8. There I Go Again -4:44

9. Help Me Stand -4:49

10. By the Waters -4:36

11. We Are the Reason (Live) (bonus track) (David Meece) -4:43

Previous release: Odyssey (1995) (compilation)

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