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The Friendship Company: Open for Business (1991)

Updated: Apr 7

The Friendship Company: Open for Business is the 12th studio and second Children's music album by Christian singer Sandi Patty, released in the fall of 1991 on Everland, a Word Records label that specializes in children's music. The album is produced by Greg Nelson and Ron Krueger, with Krueger writing the dialog.

A sequel to 1989's Sandi Patti and the Friendship Company, this album continues the theme of friendship and this time tells a story with dialog in between songs featuring Patty and some animal friends at a clubhouse called "The Friendship Company."

The Friendship Company: Open for Business peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. In 1992 at the 23rd GMA Dove Awards, Patty won her final title as Female Vocalist of the Year, as she has won the award since 1982, and also winning Children's Music Album of the Year for this album.

Track listing

1. The Friendship Company Theme (Mark Gersmehl, Claire Cloninger) -0:46

2. Fergetti Meets His Friends (dialog) -3:44

3. Open for Business (Greg Nelson, Bob Farrell) -3:01

4. Zig Is Voted Into Office (dialog) -(1:34)

5. A Little Bit O' Love (J. Adams, J. McMahan-Wilson, T. Wilson) -2:52

6. Zig Loses Her Temper (dialog) -(1:58)

7. Manners Matter (J. Adams, G. Garner-Hart) -3:17

8. Our First Official Visitor! (dialog) -(4:03)

9. The Best of Friends (D. Clark, R. Mauldin) -3:44

10. What Kind of Creature Is Beemer? (dialog) -(1:22)

11. Underneath Your Wrapping" (J. Adams, J. McMahan-Wilson, Rob Krueger) -2:17

12. Chairman of Cheerfulness (dialog) -0:45

13. Lookin' on the Upside (Greg Nelson, Bob Farrell) -2:50

14. Noodle Learns to Spell (dialog) -0:44

15. F-R-I-E-N-D (Karla Worley, Claire Cloninger, Rob Krueger, C. Sterling) -3:28

16. Building a Sign (dialog) -0:35

17. Cooperation Hop (J. Adams, G. Garner-Hart, J. McMahan-Wilson, C. Sterling) -2:39

18. Fergetti Blows It (dialog) -2:20

19. Never Too Long, Never Too Far Away (Gary Driskell, J. Adams) -4:35

20. Time to Say Goodbye (dialog) -0:26

21. The Friendship Company Theme (reprise) -0:32


Dove Award -Female Vocalist of the Year

Children's Music Album of the Year (The Friendship Company: Open for Business)

Radio singles

1991 - 1992 "The Best of Friends" -#6 Christian AC

Next release: Le Voyage (1993)

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