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The Lost Album (2006)

The Lost Album is a compilation album of the Christian music vocal group The Imperials. It was released on August 29, 2006 by Word/Curb/Warner Bros. Records. It was recorded in 1976 at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 1976, The Imperials' Armond Morales and Jim Murray welcomed two new vocalists, Russ Taff and David Will, replacing outgoing vocalists Sherman Andrus and Terry Blackwood. Both Andrus and Blackwood would form the Christian music duo Andrus, Blackwood and Company and released their debut album the following year. This collection contains eight previously unreleased studio tracks, plus the track "Same Old Fashioned Way." The track previously appeared on their 1981 compilation album The Very Best of The Imperials and was recorded from those same sessions.

The three tracks, "Sonshiny Day," "New Creation" and "I Love The Way You Love," were performed live on their 1978 album Imperials Live, and are now heard in their original studio recordings, plus a rare live recording of "Sonshiny Day" is included as a bonus track. Thought to be lost, Word Records found these lost recordings 30 years later. Those recordings were produced by musician-producer Gary S. Paxton. Bob MacKenzie and Joe Moscheo were additional producers who compiled the album. At the time, Word rejected those recordings and fired Paxton. They called in musician Chris Christian and a new recording session began and the result was their 1977 album Sail On.

Track listing

1. Sonshiny Day (Ken Medema) -2:34

2. New Creation (Russ Taff) -5:50

3. Earth, Our Island Home -4:24

4. Soon and Very Soon (Andraé Crouch) -4:14

5. We Are the Band, But He Is the Music -4:11

6. The World Didn't Give It to Me (Gloria Gaither) -2:54

7. Same Old Fashioned Way (David Will) (previously released from The Very Best

of The Imperials) -5:00

8. Closer to Jesus -3:17

9. I Love The Way You Love (John Lutz) -3:41

10. Sonshiny Day (live bonus track) -2:50

NOTE: tracks 3, 5 and 8 are unknown writer(s) so they are left blank. Once the information is received from the physical CD of The Lost Album, the writer(s) names will appear in their respective tracks.


The Imperials:

Armond Morales -bass, vocals

Jim Murrary -tenor, vocals

Russ Taff -lead vocals

David Will -baritone, vocals

Previous release: The Imperials (2006)

Next release: Back to the Roots (2007)

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