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Imperials Live (1978)

Imperials Live is the second live album by the Christian music vocal group The Imperials, released in 1978 on DaySpring/Word Records. Imperials Live was recorded at two venues: First Baptist Church in Waco, Texas and at the Kingsland Theater in St. Louis, Missouri to promote their 1977 album Sail On. There are three songs that were recorded from 1976 that resulted in The Lost Album (2006) that the Imperials performed live for this album: "Sonshiny Day," "New Creation" and "I Love The Way You Love." The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance, Contemporary or Inspirational at the 21st Grammy Awards. Imperials Live has never been released on CD or available digitally and is produced by Chris Christian, Armond Morales and Buddy Huey.

Track listing

1. Sonshiny Day (Ken Medema) -2:34

2. Bread Upon the Water (Bill Grine, Janny Grine) -3:16

3. Bread Upon the Water (reprise) -0:52

4. New Creation (Russ Taff) -5:47

5. Your First Day in Heaven (Stuart Hamblen) -1:39

6. Lead Me Gently Home Father (Will L. Thompson; arranged by Armond Morales) -3:17

7. I Love The Way You Love (John Lutz) -4:09

8. He Touched Me (Bill Gaither) -3:53

9. Sail On (Chris Christian) -5:03

10. How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine) -2:40

11. The Old Gospel Ship (Traditional; arranged by Armond Morales) -3:07

12. The Old Gospel Ship (reprise) -1:42


The Imperials:

Armond Morales -bass, vocals

Jim Murrary -tenor, vocals

Russ Taff -lead vocals

David Will -baritone, vocals

Previous release: Sail On (1977)

Next release: Heed the Call (1979)

Listen to Imperials Live here:

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