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20 (2-CD box set) (1992)

Updated: Mar 3

20 is a retrospective 2-CD compilation box set by the Christian vocal trio 2nd Chapter of Acts, released on June 5, 1992 by Sparrow Records. This set consists of their catalog of music, live performances and early recordings. The first three songs on Disc 1 are from their unreleased album from 1972 on MGM Records including "Jesus Is," which was recorded on Matthew Ward's 13th birthday on February 15, 1971. It was his very first vocal recording. This song, along with "Looking at God's Son" and "I'm So Happy" were released as singles.

On Disc 2, the final two songs are unreleased tracks: "Just One Word" and "Star." There are no songs from their best selling Hymns albums. They were released separately on a 3-CD box set, Hymns Collection, a year later. The box set also includes a 64-page book on the history of the trio including photos and essays and is compiled and produced by Buck Herring.

Track listing

All songs were written by Annie Herring, except where noted.

Disc 1

(from their 1972 unreleased first album 2nd Chapter of Acts) (tracks 1 -3)

1. Jesus Is (Edward Overstreet) -2:24

2. Looking at God's Son -2:26

3. I'm So Happy (Annie and Buck Herring) -2:41

(from With Footnotes) (tracks 4 and 5)

4. Which Way the Wind Blows (Annie Herring, Nelly Ward) -4:58

5. Easter Song -2:20

(from In the Volume of the Book) (tracks 6 and 7)

6. Last Day of My Life -3:08

7. Prince Song -2:51

(from How the West Was One) (with Phil Keaggy and a band called David)

(tracks 8 -11)

8. Hey, Whatcha Say (2nd Chapter of Acts) –3:38

9. Medley: Morning Comes When You Call (Annie Herring, Matthew Ward)/ The

  Son Comes Over the Hill -5:46

10. Keep On Shinin' –3:27

11. Something Tells Me –3:52

(from Mansion Builder) (track 12 -16)

12. Rod and Staff -3:01

13. Mansion Builder -3:12

14. Starlight, Starbright -3:06

15. Lighting Flash -3:13

16. Well, Haven't You Heard -3:56

(from The Roar of Love) (tracks 17 -19)

17. Are You Goin' to Narnia? -3:26

18. Son of Adam, Daughter of Eve -2:16

19. He's Broken Thru -3:14

(from Rejoice) (tracks 20 -24)

20. Rejoice –3:00

21. Bread of Life (Annie Herring, Matthew Ward) –2:04

22. Nobody Can Take My Life –3:28

23. Heaven Came to Earth –2:15

24. Mountain Tops –2:54

Disc 2

(from Together Live)

1. I Fall in Love/Change -4:31

(from Singer Sower) (track 2 -6)

2. Room Noise (Annie Herring, Matthew Ward) -4:08

3. Takin' the Easy Way -4:04

4. Beware My Heart -4:26

5. Spin Your Light -3:33

6. No One Will Have a Secret -4:06

(from Night Light) (tracks 7 -10)

7. Night Light -3:32

8. That's Not Nice to Say (Annie and Buck Herring, Matthew Ward) -5:11

9. Heartstrings -3:37

10. He's the Light (Annie Herring, Matthew Ward) -4:08

(from Far Away Places) (tracks 11 -15)

11. Humble Yourself (Annie Herring, Jim Tenneboe) -4:00

12. Sing Over Me -4:08

13. Maybe Some Other Day -3:50

14. Take It to All the World (Annie Herring, Matthew Ward, Jim Tenneboe) -3:06

15. You Are My All In All (Matthew Ward, Jim Tenneboe) -5:03

(previously unreleased tracks) (tracks 16 and 17)

16. Just One Word -3:41

17. Star (Annie Herring, Gary Leach) -4:11

All tracks compiled and produced by Buck Herring.


2nd Chapter of Acts:

Annie Herring -vocals, piano

Nelly Greisen -vocals

Matthew Ward -vocals

Previous release: Hymns Instrumental (1989)


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