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The Steve Camp Collection (1995)

Updated: Feb 6

The Steve Camp Collection is a compilation album of Christian singer - songwriter Steve Camp, released in 1995 on Sparrow Records. Released on 2 CDs and 2 cassette tapes, it is an exhaustive "best of" career collection from Camp featuring 32 songs including tracks on his previous Sparrow albums, plus "Farther and Higher" from his 1981 album For Every Man, the original recording of "Light Your Candle" from his 1984 album It's a Dying World, the 1990 recording of "Run to the Battle" from his compilation Doing My Best, the 1993 recording of "It's a Dying World" from Taking Heaven by Storm, and the 1985 all-star charity single "Do Something Now" featuring Camp and many CCM artists recording under the name The CAUSE (Christian Artists United the Save the Earth). The track is available for the first time on CD and digital.

Track listings

All songs are written by Steve Camp and Rob Frazier, except where noted.

Disc 1

1. Farther and Higher (Keith Thomas) (from For Every Man) -3:15

2. Light Your Candle (Steve Camp) (from It's a Dying World) -3:22

3. It's a Dying World (Steve Camp) (from Taking Heaven by Storm) -4:44

(from Fire and Ice) produced by Steve Camp and John Rosasco (tracks 4 -7)

4. Fire and Ice -2:58

5. Living in Laodicea (Steve Camp) -4:07

6. Love's Not a Feeling (duet with Michele Pillar) -4:19

7. Upon This Rock -3:40

(from Shake Me to Wake Me) produced by Steve Camp (tracks 8 -11)

8. Shake Me to Wake Me -4:35

9. Lazy Jane -3:24

10. Stranger to Holiness -4:22

11. Surrender Your Heart (duet with Suzanne Norman) -4:46

(from One on One) produced by Steve Camp and John Rosasco (tracks 12 -17)

12. He Covers Me (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, John Rosasco) -4:48

13. Threshing Floor (Steve Camp, Ashley Cleveland) -4:55

14. Foolish Things -4:04

15. He's All You Need -5:07

16. Cheap Grace (Steve Camp, Margaret Becker, Phil Maderia) -5:12

17. One on One (duet with Margaret Becker) (Steve Camp, Margaret Becker) -4:37

Disc 2

1. Do Something Now (The CAUSE) (Steve Camp, Phil Maderia) (from the single

Do Something Now) -5:17

(from After God's Own Heart) produced by Steve Camp and John Rosasco (tracks

2 -4)

2. Whatever You Ask (Michele Wagner, Phil McHugh) -4:09

3. Come to the Lord (Steve Camp, John Rosasco) -3:24

4. After God's Own Heart (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, John Rosasco) -5:19

(from Justice) produced by Steve Camp (tracks 5 -8)

5. Do You Feel Their Pain? (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, Kim Maxfield, Phil McHugh)


6. Living Dangerously in the Hands of God -5:12

7. Don't Tell Them Jesus Loves Them -5:22

8. The Great American Novel (Larry Norman) -4:58

(from Doing My Best) produced by Phil Naish

9. Run to the Battle (Steve Camp) -3:55

(from Consider the Cost) produced by Phil Naish (tracks 10 -15)

10. For Every Time (Steve Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman, Rob Frazier, Kim

  Maxfield) -4:21

11. Consider the Cost (Steve Camp) -5:54

12. Follow Me (Steve Camp) -3:28

13. Guard the Trust -4:22

14. Shade for the Children (Steve Camp) -5:32

15. Carry Me (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, Kim Maxfield) -4:10

Additional production credits

Keith Thomas -producer (Disc 1: track 1)

Steve Camp -producer (Disc 1: track 2, Disc 2: track 1)

Michael Omartian -producer (Disc 1: track 3)


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